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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Microsoft Restart Manager and Disingenuous Reporting

I came across this doozy of an article this evening and was just stunned. About halfway down the article there is a quote from a guy named Anthony Risicato, from a company in New York
named 360i. The article says,

Anthony Risicato, the general manager for search and contextual at 360i LLC in New York, told eWEEK that Restart Manager is a concept that, in a vacuum, seems like a wonderful idea.

[Hmmm...starting up the left-handed compliments]

"Get the 'latest and "greatest' the minute it's available. But I do not like it, because it is trying to solve the effect, and not the cause," he said.

[The restart feature is solving the problem of how to replace or upgrade actively running software in an operating system without restarting. What exactly is the "cause" that they are not trying to solve anyway?]

He also said he is cautiously optimistic that Microsoft would be able to get Restart Manager to do what they say it will if they "decide to take the time to do it right, with an emphasis on testing and quality assurance. But they must still overcome the inherent weaknesses on the Windows platform as related to file corruption, shared memory space, etc."

[Yeah, no kidding, Einstein. All software, especially on such a widely used platform must be well tested and done right. My question is, what file corruption and shared memory space problem are you talking about? Sounds like you're still on Windows 98 to me. Have you heard of NTFS and process isolation? You might want to check out Windows XP before you start commenting on Windows Vista.]

So, who is this guy and what does he know anyway? You'd think eWeek would think twice before publishing a quote like this. If you look at the comments on the article, they are essentially all from Microsoft haters who rail on Microsoft for ... I'm not sure exactly what. With opposition like this though, no wonder Microsoft has leading market share. I'm no Microsoft evangelist, but this is ridiculous.

Message to eWeek's editors, keep the uninformed comments out of the articles and relegate them to the comments section.

On another note, I wonder why Microsoft attracts so much of this kind of uninformed opposition. You don't see this kind of thing against Google, or Sun, or Oracle for example.


At 12/03/2005 8:21 AM, Anonymous Paul Waldschmidt said...

It's the same ole, same ole... No matter what Microsoft builds, they will be hated because they continually consume the market. Even after Microsoft releases Vista, WinFS, Big Top, etc, they will all be ripped apart. The truth is: XP Pro is an awesome operating system, and any serious developer can see the difference between it and its predecessors.


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